Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crystal Vanish Magic Pull Device | Clean vanish

Visually Vanish Objects instantly

See for yourself 

Week of January 18th through the 28th.
This week Nexus will give you the Crystal Vanish free
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Stephane Jardonnet has always been know for his devious mind and he has developed some of the most amazing staples in magic over the last 20 years.

As well as produced countless Instructional Magic DVDS. The online Magic store is very familiar with Jardonnet and his Magic products.

And even if he weren't known this would be the trick to wake the world up. Their has been countless pull devices on the market over the last 50 years. The most notable would be The Raven by Chuck Leach and Jim Rosenbaum's The Gecko. But nothing stands in the way of Jardonnet's Crystal Vanish the cleanest pull device ever devised.

Ad copy:
 Crystal Vanish Includes:

Among some of the specifics that make Crystal Vanish different from what you can find elsewhere:

1) Showing cleanly both sides of the hands totally empty prior to performing

2) Sleeves can be completely rolled

3) Vanish virtually any objects, not only from the magicians hand, but also from the spectators hand

4) Retrieve the object also very cleanly directly from your pocket.

5) Being Practical. This will not rest in your drawer this can be a staple to your magic routine

A complete Magic kit: Crystal Vanish is designed to be set based on the size your own hand. Everything is included to make your own gimmick. With about a ten minute set-up, you should be able to perform for months without any problems of any kind. But if ever it breaks, you have the ability to fix within minutes.

You also receive a DVD in both, English and French, which explains in detail everything you need to know about Crystal Vanish:

DVD chapters include: 1) How to size your gimmick. 2) How to install your gimmick. 3) How to use a pull device. 4)The basic techniques to successfully vanish any objects, and retrieve them from your pocket 5) The common mistakes to avoid while using a pull device 6) How to vanish bigger objects 7) The other potential set-up to use Crystal vanish

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