Friday, January 27, 2012

The Professor Dai Vernon Revelation

The Greatest Magician of our time is the late professor Dai Vernon

Dai Vernon master of magic well known as the Professor of Magic arises from the shadows of obscurity in this remastered released box set called "Revelations".

This is Vernon's life work compiled on 8 beautifully remastered DVDS. A sure thing for any magic enthusiast.

In celebration, L&L Publishing is releasing the Revelations 30th Anniversary Box Set which features all 17 volumes of Revelations digitally remastered on 8 DVDs. Also included are three bonus DVDs that contain extremely rare footage of Vernon lectures from the 1970's - almost six hours of material that almost no one has ever seen before. Included also are four audio CDs of Vernon lectures from the 1960s and two commemorative booklets. The first is a facsimile of the original Videonics Revelations catalog with comprehensive commentary on each volume by Sid Lorraine while the second contains Dr. Gene Matsuura's original notes made at Dai Vernon's farewell lecture in 1976. Everything is packaged in a full color slipcase that is sure to make this set one of the most desirable magic keepsakes ever released.

David Bens introduction that appears in the beginning of Gene Matsuura's notes booklet:

Will wonders never cease? When it comes to Dai Vernon, apparently not.

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