Monday, July 18, 2011

Relic of the Revenant | Poltergeist Activity

Relic of the Revenant is quite possibly the most advanced, realistic, practical, and stunning Poltergeist Activity simulator ever created. This illusion is fully remote controlled, and designed for close up, stage, and parlor applications. No assistants required, and no special backdrops or lighting needed. A table top illusionette , that creates STUNNING VISUAL EFFECTS right in front of your spectators with a push of a button. FULLY REMOTE CONTROL! To see it, is to believe it!

The Relic is completely antiqued out with rustic hinges, rustic escutcheon, rustic handles and hardware. It is a beautiful piece to look at. It is also fully remote control with up to 4 minutes of programming and delays available. Sean Bogunia of Ultimate Magic Productions and of the Ultimate Dancing Hank fame built our micro chip boards to run the animatronics.

The entire Plexiglas box and supports fit inside of the relic. The Plexiglas box Is fully examinable. All objects may to be animated can also be examined or borrowed.

During performance the Relic is introduced, the lock is opened with an ancient key, the Plexiglas box is taken out, the 3 clear tube pedestals are placed and the Plexiglas box is isolated on top.

The Relic was found buried in the attic of an old Victorian house said to belong to the revenant ghosts of the ancient. The Relic appears to have great power and mystery that surrounds itself. A Plexiglas box has been brought along to test the powers of the relic under 'Test Conditions'. All objects and the Plexiglas box are inspected and are found to be ordinary. The Plexiglas box eliminates such factors as air, strings or wires, etc. tampering with the objects

Sample Effect 1- A pad of paper is introduced, a random sheet is ripped off and placed inside the Plexiglas box and sealed inside. You show a deck of cards, and a spectator selects one. A pen is introduced and placed inside with the sheet of paper. A ghost of your late great grandfather is summoned into the room with you, your audience and the Relic. With the remote you begin the magic on que from as far as 30 feet away. The pen mysteriously picks up and begins to write by itself in the center of the box over the blank piece of paper. This is truly eerie. The pen is put down by the ghost and the lid is taken off the Plexiglas box. The pen is removed for complete examination. The previously blank piece of paper is brought out showing something written on it. The message is the name of the chosen card!

Sample Effect 2- a photograph is introduced (or borrowed) of a dead relative. Let's say Great Grandma Abby. Her photo is sealed inside of the Plexiglas box after the Plexiglas box and photo are fully examined. The spectators will find nothing. The performer lights some candles and asks everyone to join hands around the table or in the audience. "We are to ask and see if Grandma Abby is here with us. If she is, can she move the photograph? Abby are you here? If you are here with us, can you please try and move the photograph." Sure enough, the photo jumps! "Grandma Abby are you really here?" the photo jumps again! "Abby, we would like to ask you some questions. Move the photo once for yes and twice for no. " Grandma Abby did you die in a car accident?" the photo flips over twice answering no. "Grandma Abby were you murdered?" the photo flips over once answering yes!!!! Etc. Etc.

The possibilities are endless, and remember this is remote control and fully programmable, it takes absolutely no skill to perform. All the skill is in the presentation. If you can force a card or push a button, then be prepared to scare the hell out of your spectators.

What's cool about Relic is that this can be sitting in your living room on display. Company comes over and says "What's that sitting over there?" You reply..."Wellll, let me show you"....

Totally undetectable, completely silent, small enough to do up close, and big enough to do on stage.

The Relic of the Revenant only weighs 14 pounds, and everything fits inside of the wooden box, measuring approximately 14 x 10 x 12 inches.

If you do magic of any kind the Relic is a must! Great for any type of performer; Psychics, Mentalists, Bizarrists, Illusionists, and even Comedy Magicians can use the Relic! The Relic can even be used in conjunction with haunted house attractions, theme parks, museums, freak shows etc. Use at trade show exhibits bringing your client's product to life!

Peter Loughran's Relic of the Revenant comes with suggested routines, antique wooden box, ancient key, mini remote, 3 clear pedestals, and Plexiglas box.

Choose between the Plexi-Tubes or the new Plexi-Stand as seen below

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