Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Knight To Remember - Devin Knight's 2011 Lecture Notes

The lecture notes from Devin Knights 2011 tour. Far more than just a set of lecture notes, this is a complete book in itself! Features mind-boggling effects including card magic and Mentalism. Effects that fooled the majority of magicians in attendance. These notes also contain directions for several hundred dollar worth of Devin marketed effects and explains how to make them at a fraction of the cost.

Includes the following effects:

Includes the following effects:

Gyrater Floating, spinning card case. No threads.

Tri-Sight Correctly predict three actions done by a participant.

Flying Kiss A lady's kiss finds a selected card.

Word Sight Reveal two words just thought-of and never written down.

Ink-Portation Cause a person's signature to fly from one card to another. Baffling beyond words!

Double Clip Line A mind-boggling version of Clip line using two columns.

No-Touch ACCAN -A freely selected card appears at a random number. No Force. You never touch the decks. No switching of decks.

Double Coincidence A freely chosen word is found to be the only one circled in a dictionary you never touch!

Psychoportation Envelopes Teleport a borrowed driver's license across the stage!

55 Pages - fully illustrated.

Exclusively @ Nexus Magic Store

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