Tuesday, February 12, 2013

David Blaine Electrified Stunt - releasing soon as part of documentary

  David Blaine Electrified Stunt to be released as part of life documentary 

  "David Blaine is known for stretching physical limitations, and his incredible feats of magic".

David Blaine talks about his latest stunt.

 Professional Magicians around the world have expressed and garnered respect for Magician David Blaine, a performance artist, and a man who continually stretches physical limitations. David has recently announced on Samsung smart studio with Olga Kay; that he completed what is called the electrified stunt where he stood atop an electrified pillar charged with 1 million volts of electricity for 73 hours. This as a part of an upcoming documentary about his life.

Whether, you are a magic enthusiast or not it has been a fascinating journey watching David Blaine continually push the envelope of human capability.  Breaking personal, and world records with nearly every feat he tackles. Blaine certainly can at least be respected for his dedication and the efforts towards bravely tackling dangerous feats.

These feats have also been captured, and immortalized in a wonderfully designed commemorative poster.

 Buy David Blaine Decade Poster - Magically designed by renowned artist Mark Stutzman. 

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