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Nexus Magic | Email update

 Nexus Magic Alert!

Nexus Interactive Catalog Email AKA N.I.C.E.
It truly can be said that you just received a NICE email.

Hi Jason,

Hello again and thank you for reviewing yet another jam packed email. We hope that you found this content helpful.
We hope you had a wonderful New Year filled with Friends, magic, and family not necessarily in that order. This is the first month of the year and we wanted to go big! So this email is chalked full of valuable deals that you can only get in our emails and blogs.

Your friend in Magic,
Jason Ring | CEO
Nexus Magic Store
I can actually get the Super Slim Mullica free? YES!

Mullica Wallet Super slim Tim Trono 4

With the purchase of one of the several products below you will get the new Super Slim Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet - By Tim Trono absolutely free!

No coupon codes to redeem, no extra steps, just purchase any of the 4 numbered products below between now, and January 21st 2010, and receive the  Super Slim Mullica absolutely free a $70.00 dollar value!

1) Texas Fool'Em By Larry Becker and Lee Earle
2) Broom Thru Body Illusion - By Peter Loughran
3) 8th Sense by James T. Cheung
4) How to Make Money in Magic - by Paul Daniels
*Hurry offer good while supplies last.

What's New & Hot

Double Take

Bubble ZOmbieWith all of these flashy demos and big sellers most of the truly great effects are the ones that slip through the cracks. This is where we discuss and review  products that is in our opinion worth a second look.

Our current top pick is:  Zombie Bubble By Losander
Losander is one of the most creative minds in magic. And he is well known for the origination of the Floating table an effect more then 20 years old, and practiced by hundreds of Magicians around the world. Losander continues to elevate the art and world of magic, and Bubble Zombie is no exception, finally it's released to the world.

Also worth a look:
Pure telepathy - Pascal De Clermont
Banded - By Garret Thomas
Elegant Deceptions - By Michael Vincent
Lightning Box - By Bob Kohler

Classic Must Haves
Dancing Cane - By Tango | DVD Included
Incredible Self-Working Card tricks - By Michael Maxwell
Cyclopedia of Magic - By Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

Nexus Magic consists of  two URLS
NexusMagic | NexusMagic

Nexus Magic Shop is essentially:
Forums - Blogs - Articles - Advertisements
Nexus Magic Store is where you will find our Magic Video Demos and products.


Just a side note we are looking for a couple of dedicated individuals to help moderate the Nexus Magic
Forums. By being a moderator you have control to start conversations, build a reputation, and have a place to share reviews of products that Nexus carries. We may also send you products for free in place of a detailed review of the product received with links back to the product pages on Nexus. It will be a daunting task to build the forums, but we need to start somewhere.

If you haven't visited or joined the Nexus Forums please register, and start a conversation today. We are continually working very hard to bring the best service, selection, and relative topics of discussion.


Quick review of whats inside

Free Super Slim Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet.

Whats Hot
New products

Double Take
Second look at great Magic that may have slipped through the cracks.

Classic must haves

Previously released products worth a second look.

Any Ring   Richard Sanders

ANY RING Richard Sanders 2

Richard Sanders is back with his new effect "Any Ring".

With ANY RING, you can vanish any sized ring, from a thin Engagement Ring to the thickest Signet Band.

The spectator's ring is placed under a handkerchief and the spectator holds his/her ring through the material. The spectator feels his/her ring until the last second; when the spectator lets go, the ring is gone!

The borrowed ring can be made to appear anywhere you want. This is the ultimate accessory item. Bonus routine included!

ANY RING | Available now

Rizer - Eric Ross

Rizer - By Eric Ross Paul Harris 2A perfect effect has finally found a beautiful method!
You DRAW a rough image of a deck of cards on your naked arm. Nothing else is seen on your arm, except skin and ink.

Then, from out of the center of the hand-drawn deck, the inked outline of a single card visually rises out of the deck, along your skin, and then stops. It's the spectators card!


Tarantula          By Yigal Mesika

Tarantula 4
Last years Mega hit trick Tarantula now carries a New lower price. Now everyone can afford the ultimate literally hands on ring levitation.

Tarantula - On Sale

Bullets after dark

Bullets after dark 2

Beautifully produced with invaluable rich content.
Bullets After Dark is a treasure trove of workable, awe-inspiring magic-from self-workers (that will fool you) to deviously constructed sleight-of-hand routines.

This is a veritable master class in contemporary card magic. Three hours of stunning material across two DVDs-including in-depth interviews and commentary. Watch how Bannon thinks. How he constructs tricks. How he makes his magic special.

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nexus-magic-store 4

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