Monday, November 7, 2011

Blind Sight 2 - By Devin Knight | It's Better and it's back

Blind Sight 2 - By Devin Knight


Blindsight by Devin Knight has become a classic of Mentalism and many people have asked that I release a stage version. This New version Blindsight 2 uses Larger Cards and Envelopes and has a new Novel opening with a much stronger ending.

EFFECT: The performer shows an 8.5 X 11 inch Chart that has the names of four colors printed on it in different color links. The Mentalist / Magician will say he will attempt to confuse a participants mind. A participant is asked to quickly call out the color of the link that each word is printed in. Despite his best efforts, he almost always calls out the color of the ink that each word is printed in. For example if the ink is blue, he may say it's red. This is all very amusing to the audience as he cannot seem to correctly call off all the colors correctly!

The performer says that if the participant is having trouble correctly naming colors that he can see; perhaps he can do better if he cannot see the colors. The performer says he would like to try an experiment to see if the participant has the ability to detect color sight unseen. The performer shows four opaque envelopes and four different colored cards. The four cards are placed inside the envelopes, and mixed so the participant has no idea which envelope contains which colored card. Next the envelopes are placed in a row in front of the person. The performer asks the participant to attempt to use Blindsight (the ability to see colors, sight unseen in your mind) to determine which colors is in each envelope.

The performer then points to an envelope and asks the participant which color he thinks is inside. The performer then writes that color on the outside of the envelope. This is repeated until all the envelopes have a color prediction written on the outside of them. Each time the performer points to an envelope , the participant tell him what color he thinks is inside. Once each envelope has a color written on it; the participant is asked to place one envelope aside for the grand finale.

For a climax, the performer opens each envelope and shows that the participant has successfully used Blindsight to correctly determine which color was in each envelope. The performer has the participant pick up the envelope he set aside. He has the participant remove the colored card, assume it is yellow. Obviously, it matches the color written n the envelope because the other three were correct. This is pretty amazing in itself, but the real kicker is yet to come. Performer states that nobody could have known which envelopes and color the participant would set aside. The performer show the back of the chart (that has been in full view) containing the list of colors. The back of the chart is bright yellow and printed on it is: YOU WILL SET ASIDE YELLOW. This makes for a stunning Climax that can be seen from the Largest Stages. Blindsight 2 is a perfect Stage Magic routine for the professional Magician or stage mentalist.

Message from Devin Knight: After doing this for years, I have really improved the handling and have a killer finish. What use to be the weakest finish has been revised to make it the strongest and most desired finish. Also this can be seen from the largest stages and has a touch that gets the whole audience involve. You guys are going to love this new version. The basic effect is still the same, but the prediction finishes has been changed to make them stronger and MORE visual to the audience.

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