Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gumball Magi-chine | Diamond Ring to Gumball Machine - By Buzz Lawrence


SIZE & WEIGHT effect shipping cost we recommend parcel post.


This Magic trick is simple yet astonishing. You borrow a ring from an audience member, make it disappear and in any manner a magician would. After some patter, you borrow a quarter, and it is placed in the gumball machine at which time the missing borrowed ring comes out of the machine.

Of course you can design your own routine around this effect even use a different item such as a prediction signed coin, folded bill etc. etc.


This is no ordinary Gumball machine. This particular machine was chosen for this effect, because it is a commercially made product; it is the very same machine used by thousands of vending machine companies throughout the United States. Which makes it highly recognizable by kids, and adults as the standard modern day gumball machine.

It does not look like a trick machine; as some of the other collectible magic ring retrieval gumball machines on the market today

Buzz Lawrence insured that the inner workings were custom made by a professional fabricator to fit precisely, and designed to be invisible. The Gumball Machine loads from the back and can be set up to return the ring in a 1.0 capsule on the first, second, or third turn of the handle; the gimmick is reliable and works every time.

The device is a heavy duty machine, and will last through thousands of handle turns and the machine can be ordered to vend with a penny, a quarter, or a half a dollar

This machine is made in the USA If damaged or accidentally dropped, replacement parts are readily available

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