Sunday, March 11, 2012

Suits you Fine - A remixed card classic by Ted Talon | Coming soon


Ted Talon's "Suits you fine" (Gimmick Card & DVD included)

 The magician hands the spectator an ordinary deck of cards to examine and shuffle. 

The Story:

During this shuffle the magician tells a story of a lonely religious woman named Melissa, and a Murderer named Stanton. One night Melissa had just arrived from a church function. Stanton a troubled and evil man had been on several murderous home invasions. Heartless, he broke into homes taking peoples belongings and sadly eliminating all witnesses. On one particular night Melissa arrives home alone and flips on the light. Suddenly, she is face to face with this desperate man. Stanton with anger on his face took one look at her started to approach her, and suddenly without notice Stanton turned and ran out the back door. Shortly, after, the police caught Stanton and during their questioning, the police asked; Why did you not kill this last Woman that confronted you? The criminal replied, I wanted too, but as I approached her two of the biggest men I have ever seen stepped out from behind her flanking her sides. Each of them had one hand on the handle of a long sword. The police then questioned Melissa asking her if she knew of these two men. She replied I have no idea what he is talking about, I was all alone.  - End of story

The Magic Trick:

The magician then explains the reason I tell you this story, is to remind you that everyone has guardian angels that watch over them. I am going to channel your angels, and ask them to select a card that they feel best suits who you are, and if you are in tune with your guardians we will all come to the same conclusion.

The magician then asks the spectator if they have completed shuffling the deck, if so the magician then picks up the deck and riffles through looking at the face of each card, and comparing the cards with a feeling by matching glances toward the spectator.

You then reserve one card from the deck, and without any manipulations, shuffles, sleights of any kind you place the selected card face down as the Guardian's card, you now hand the deck back to the spectator with no cuts shuffles or misdirections. The spectator is the instructed to deal down cards until they choose to stop. Once completed they are given the free choice to continue to deal down, or deal back up, or stop as they have. The spectator completes their free choice and flips their card.
You then flip over the Guardians Card which perfectly matches the card the spectator stopped at. You then say it looks like this card "Suits you fine".

You can now compare their selected Guardian card and match it to the personality card which gives the spectator a fun and rousing personality evaluation. 

Suits you fine is mysterious, easy to perform, and lots of fun for everyone around. Great for Parlor, close-up or can even be modified for table situations, Suits you fine will come complete with a DVD,  two separate live presentations, and the personality evaluation card. 

Coming in the Summer of 2012 - Exclusively to Nexus Magic Tricks Store

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