Monday, September 19, 2011

Mark Wilson's - Magic Circus DVD Series

Mark Wilson's - Magic Circus DVD Series

Mark Wilson's Magic Circus  This is a collection to treasure, Six Dvds capturing the most influential Magicians of all time. (Including "The Professor" Dai Vernon) Hosted by the late Bill Bixby.

Contents include:
“THE PROFESSOR” DAI VERNON presenting his legendary. Cups and Balls and his rarely seen Symphony of the Rings. The mysterious SHIMADA performing his exquisite parasol act. The opener on this first MAGIC CIRCUS show is THE GILDED CAGE, in which three beautiful girls magically appear in a golden cage high above the studio audience.

Then we see Mark performs his renowned SUCKER EGG TRICK, and Rebo rides in on a live ELEPHANT, which Mark impossibly causes to VANISH in full view of the cameras and the audience.

The lovely Nani Darnell joins Mark for their rendition of Mark’s version of the impossible NANI DIVIDED IN HALF.

This is preceded by the first and only television presentation of Alan Wakeling’s incredible GORILLA CRUSHING, featuring Nani on the flying trapeze, who inexplicably vanishes as she is being crushed by a 400 pound gorilla!

Mark follows with several sleight of hand effects performed with the audience all around, followed by a beautiful ASRAH LEVITATION with Nani vanishing in mid-air and then magically reappearing in the STACK OF BOXES!

The grand finale is the classic SHOOTING A GIRL FROM A CANNON to an empty base drum suspended high in air incorperating several improvements by Alan Wakeling and John Gaughan.

The second MAGIC CIRCUS begins with MARK WILSON’S parts being assembled from a collection of boxes stacked individually, while completely surrounded by the audience.


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