Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Four Told - By Devin Knight | Stage or Close-up Mentalism Routine

Devin Knights Four Told Click to learn more...
Incredible Mentalism Routine from the mind of Devious Devin Knight.

Watch Devin Knight perform this for a small live audience below.

Read the minds of Four people at once!
Devin Knight is one of the most creative minds in the development of Magic today. Knight proudly presents his greatest Mentalism Routine yet. A reworked, retooled and delicately enhanced instant classic, this effect has it all. This can be a stage magic routine or an intimate close-up magic scenario. Regardless of the setting you will leave the audience astonished and the minds of four floored.

Basic Description: Imagine four random spectators are selected and shown a chart of ESP symbols. Each spectator is asked to just think of one these symbols and keep it too themselves. One by one you hand each of the spectators an ESP card. The spectator is asked to hold the card face down as your prediction. You then ask the spectator to reveal the card their thought of esp symbol aloud, and then turn your prediction card over. Bam! Match Match Match Match! 100% of the time you correctly predict there thought of symbol prior to them revealing their thought of card.

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